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Rotary convention attendees
"Nothing could have prepared me for the experience of fellowship and pride in being connected to such an incredible organization."

First-time attendees

As a first-time convention attendee, you're embarking on an experience that will inspire you, inform you, and motivate you to move your club forward. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your first convention.

Getting started

  • Sign up for Convention Updates and follow the Convention Insider blog for the latest news, information, and deadlines.
  • Download the Rotary Events app to your smartphone or tablet to plan your schedule and view maps, breakout sessions, speaker bios, and more.
  • Watch our convention orientation webinar.
  • Pick up your registration packet at the convention center. Have your registration, ticket confirmation, and photo ID in hand. Your packet should include name badges, vouchers, program book, and a transportation guide.
  • Pick up ribbons, language stickers, and attendance stickers at the ribbon booth.
  • If you're a delegate or proxy for your club, get your credentials at the voting delegates booth. You will need to bring your validated voting delegate form.


  • Use the Rotary Events app to connect with other attendees.
  • Explore the House of Friendship, where you’ll find an Internet cafe, message board, and local entertainment and food.
  • Visit Global Networking Group booths to find out more about Rotary’s vocational and recreational fellowships and action groups.
  • Visit the Club and District Projects Exhibition to find ideas for your club’s next service project.
  • Find Rotary publications at the Resource Center, where staff are available to answer your questions about everything from the new Foundation funding model to how to revitalize your club.


  • Gather materials about activities in the area at the information booth in the House of Friendship.
  • Use the convention app to learn about speakers, and download resources from breakout sessions.
  • Sign up for Host Organization Committee events to enjoy the hospitality of local Rotary members.
  • Explore São Paulo, sampling its gourmet food, lively nightlife, stunning architecture, and beautiful parks and museums.
  • Shop for Rotary clothing, pins, and more at licensed-vendor booths, and purchase souvenirs from local businesses in the House of Friendship.
  • Visit the 2016 convention booth and register in advance.

Staying safe and comfortable

  • Wear comfortable shoes! Convention attendees are welcome to dress in business casual attire.
  • Photocopy your passport, driver’s license, credit cards, and other important documents. Give a copy to someone at home and keep another copy hidden in your luggage or in the hotel safe.
  • Avoid being a target for pickpockets by removing your convention badge when you’re away from the convention venues.