RIConvention.org - Olá from São Paulo


With so much to do in São Paulo, you might forget that pristine beaches, including Maresias and the island of Ilhabela, are just a few hours away. Or that Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s most beautiful city, is within a day’s drive. Make sure you leave plenty of time in your itinerary to explore Brazil’s magnificent locales.

Read The Rotarian’s “São Paulo à la Carte” for more ideas.

Local attractions

The financial and creative hub of Brazil, São Paulo boasts beautiful parks and gardens, including the immense Parque Ibirapuera. The best way to experience São Paulo is to explore its diverse neighborhoods, from Vila Madalena, where you’ll find galleries, bookstores, and nonstop nightlife, to Higienópolis, known for its international cuisine.

Nightlife and dining

São Paulo’s churrascarias, pizzerias, bakeries, and ethnic restaurants make the city the gastronomic capital of Brazil. Need some liquid refreshment to go with your meal? Check out Brazil’s national cocktail, the caipirinha, at one of the trendy bars in Vila Olímpia and Vila Madalena. Or grab a refreshing água de coco, often served in a coconut, from a street vendor. And don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes to experience samba, the Afro-Brazilian musical form that defines Brazilian culture.