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Nightlife and dining


Like many urban centers, São Paulo never sleeps. Vila Olímpia and Vila Madalena are famous for their trendy drinking establishments, while Bar Brahma offers a variety of live music, and is located on the famous corner celebrated in the song “Sampa.” For the latest information on nightlife in São Paulo, go to TimeoutVirtual Tourist, or TripAdvisor.


Brazilians love their coffee, and you will find cafes on almost every corner. The dining triangle of Higienópolis contributes to the city’s reputation as a gourmet capital, with Brazilian specialties joining Italian, French, and North American cuisine. You’ll find sushi and Asian fare in Liberdade, and sophisticated Italian cuisine – along with amazing views – at Terraço Itália, close to Praça da República. Be sure to try a pastel, a flavorful fried pastry with a variety of fillings that is Brazil’s national snack.

Take advantage of Rotary Restaurant Nights to explore the city’s vibrant restaurant scene. The Host Organization Committee has arranged discounts for attendees at select restaurants. Check the HOC website for more information about this special offer.