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Brazilian visa requirements vary by country of citizenship, based on the principle of reciprocity. To see if you need a visa, go to Brazil’s consular website and download the document “Quadro Geral de Regime de Vistos Simplificado (inglês)”, the English version of the table of country-specific visa requirements.

Visa applications must be made through the Brazilian embassy or consulate serving your country or area. You may be required to take part in an interview at the embassy or consulate as part of the application process. Rotary will provide a letter of invitation to those needing one to apply for a visa.

Visa processing time in certain Brazilian consular jurisdictions in the United States is taking several months. Contact your nearest embassy or consulate as early as possible.

Special visa offer from Travisa (Canada & U.S. residents only)

You may apply for a visa on your own or use a passport and visa expediter like Travisa. Rotary convention travelers from the United States and Canada who apply for a visa using Travisa will pay substantially reduced service fees.

Visit Travisa’s website for Rotary convention goers to take advantage of this special offer.