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São Paulo

Local transportation


Although the Metrô doesn’t go to the convention venue, it is the safest, cheapest, and fastest mode of transportation to get around the city. From the Portuguesa-Tietê station (Line 1 -- Blue), take the free shuttle bus 1.5 km to Anhembi Parque. It runs from 08:00 to 19:00 daily except on Sunday, when it operates from 08:00 to 18:00. Volunteers will be at the station to assist you. From Anhembi Parque to the station during convention hours, use shuttle Route 12.

View a map of the subway network.


The RI shuttle bus will operate between the RI block hotels and Anhembi Parque 5- 9 June. The shuttle schedule is:

Friday, 5 June: 08:00-19:00
Saturday, 6 June: 09:30-19:00
Sunday, 7 June: 07:00-09:00 and 14:00-18:00, except for Routes 8 and 10, which will run 16:00-18:00
Monday, 8 June: 08:00-19:00
Tuesday, 9 June: 08:00-19:00

The RI shuttle bus to all RI block hotels will also be provided during and after the HOC’s Carnival Parade at the Sambodrome on Saturday, 6 June.


Taxis are plentiful in São Paulo. Learn more about fares and fleets. Several companies offer air taxi service via helicopter out of Campo de Marte Airport, located across the street from the Anhembi. Learn more.

Taxis from the Airport
The Sao Paulo Guarulhos airport is served by a safe reliable coop taxi service, GuaruCoop, that has a payment kiosk outside the front door. The agents will ask your hotel and charge your credit card for the trip. You will get two receipts, one to give the driver which has your hotel name on it. The drivers know the location of all the hotels and that your ride is pre-paid.


In case of a roadside emergency, dial 191. For a medical emergency, call 192. For any other kind of emergency, dial 190. For more safety information, consult the Transportation Guide.