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special needs

Special needs

Anhembi Parque has a range of accessible services that make it possible for people of all abilities to get around. Learn more.

Please indicate dietary restrictions and other special requirements when registering for the convention. You may also indicate special accessibility requirements when booking your hotel room.

Wheelchair and scooter rentals

Manual wheelchairs and electric scooters will be available for daily rental 5-9 June in the wheelchair and scooter distribution area, located in the registration hall (pavilion) of Anhembi Parque. Rentals are on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure that a wheelchair or scooter is available for you by prepaying for the number of days needed when you arrive on-site.

Rented wheelchairs and scooters are for use only on Anhembi property and cannot be transported via the convention shuttle system. You must return your rented scooter or wheelchair each day before the registration hall closes.

Rental fees (cash only -- Brazilian reals)

Scooter: R$100 per day
Wheelchair: R$25 per day