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Health & Safety

Statement on 2015 São Paulo Convention

Reports of drought conditions in Brazil, as well as a recent outbreak of dengue fever, may be cause for concern as we approach the Rotary Convention in São Paulo, 6-9 June. We are working with host Rotarians and monitoring the situation closely. We do not anticipate any negative impact on the convention.

Although some parts of São Paulo state and city have experienced water shortages during the drought, the rainy season has begun and recent heavy rains have helped alleviate the issue.

Cases of dengue fever have been reported in the city of São Paulo. While dengue is a serious illness, it is also a familiar one in Brazil and experienced health officials are responding quickly.

Local Rotarians are working with city officials and do not believe the convention will be affected.

We will continue to keep you updated in the days leading up to the convention. If you have any questions or additional concerns, please contact ri.registration@rotary.org .

Travel tips

Before you travel, review the health and safety tips available from these sources:

Travel insurance

We strongly recommend obtaining travel insurance to cover emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation, and repatriation costs in case of injury or illness while you are away from your home country. Unless your health care provider confirms that you are covered while you attend the convention, it is reasonable to assume that you are not protected if you have a medical emergency.